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Land food webs multimedia activity

This multimedia activity was conceived as a complementary class activity for the lesson plan provided in the OCE guidebook The climate in our hands - Climate Change and Land.

Through this activity, the students can learn the names and predatory relationships of multiple animal and plant species belonging to six different land food webs, and living in distinct world regions: riparian ecosytems in Alaska, temperate forests, guyanese tropical forests, savannah, soil and one example of an agrosystem. Students can also visualise the impact of climate change and human activities on those food webs.

The food webs proposed are not all of the same complexity: it is up to you to choose the most adapted to your students, taking into account their knowledge and skills, and also their local context!

  • To start playing, click on the corresponding image, for each of the land food webs:

Riparian ecosystem in Alaska:

alaska food web image

Temperate forest:

forest food web image

Tropical forest:

jungle food web image


savane food web image


soil food web image


agrosystem food webs image

  • If you prefer, you can download the files to your computer to play offline by clicking on the "Download the Resource" button at the top of this page.

Teacher's notes:

  • A "back door" allows you to proceed to step 2 (and even to step 3) of the animation without completing step 1. To do this, go to the menu and click on the "solution" button .
  • The solution of step 2 of the animation (as well as an offline version, based on card games) is available in the teacher handbook "The climate in our hands - Climate Change an Land" (cf. lesson C4).
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