Get to know some of the actors of  ALEC in Mexico.

Together with several collaborators, the OCE launched the ALEC (Latin America for Climate Education) project in 2020. This five-year pilot project aims to promote education on climate change in Latin America, more specifically in Mexico, Chile and Colombia (with the ambition to include other countries on the continent). 


David Wilgenbus - Executive Director of the Office for Climate Education



 Claudia Robles coordinator of INNOVEC

Claudia Robles


 Alexandra Garduño Olivera member of Ecatepec teacher's center



 Rocìo Leticia López Orozco academic advisor



 Ema Janel Artigas program liaison at the Secretary of Education of Veracruz

ema janela


Edgar Martìn Alemàn coordinator of climate change and environmental education



Andrea Karolina secretary of the environnement of the state of Veracruz

Andrea Caroline


 Zaira Reyes - Secretary of the Environment of the State of Veracruz



Laura Citlali Morales Aparicio - PASEVIC collaborator



Arturo Carillo -Teacher from the general directorate the Veracruz primary education



Akeri Cruz Biologist at the Francisco Javier Clavijero Garden of the Ecology Institute



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