From the 12th to the 15th of September 2023 the OCE is hosting its second International Seminar on Climate Change Education (CCE) in partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. 


Fostering the development and implementation of climate change education around the world

As the interest for climate change education grows internationally, the OCE wishes to create a space where decision makers and practitioners can get acquainted with the latest best practices and tools to help them accelerate the implementation of quality climate change education projects.

This three and a half days event will be comprised of a high-level day that will bring together a diverse set of key stakeholders, from international development banks, philanthropies and ministries to local NGOs from regions around the world, all working on CCE implementation strategies.

This segment will be followed by a full 3 days of workshops aimed at understanding the core principles of climate change education. Participants will get a chance to focus on concrete topics such as:

  • Understanding inquiry based science pedagogy approaches
  • Human and social sciences in the context of CCE
  • Building positive narratives for climate action
  • Intersections of global citizenship and CCE
  • Defining quality CCE and discussing evaluation methods
  • Public policy: Integrating CCE into National Determined Contributions
  • Strategic planning workshops


Who can attend

The high-level event will welcome approximately eighty participants, whereas the workshop part of this seminar will host around fifty participants from various countries, outside the European Union at different stages of CCE implementation. Participants will be educational system officers, academics in charge of teacher’s professional development, international cooperation education officers, funders and other stakeholders in CCE.

Please note, all participants to the 3 days workshop are expected to attend the high level event.

How to apply 

The OCE is currently welcoming double applications to attend the international seminar.

Requirements : 2 persons from the same country, 1 decision-maker / 1 educator. The profiles of the participants have to be complementary to guarantee a better transfer within their national system. The participants will have to be proficient in English.

Click here to send your application. Please note, the deadline to apply is the 31st of May 2023 (midnight CET). 

The selection of participants will take place on the first week of June 2023.

During this seminar most activities will take place in Villarceaux's but it will start with an opening ceremony at the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation in Paris.


Click on the image to find the program bellow :

program international seminar

FAQ : 

  • What am I expected to pay for during the International Seminar ? 
    • The OCE's International Seminar is free of charge starting from Tuesday morning at the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation to Friday afternoon.
  • Can I come to France with friends or family and stay in the same room ? 
    • The OCE can only accommodate the participants from Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon. You won't be able to invite someone as this person will not be able to stay at Villarceaux and/or to participate in any activities. 
  • Where will the participants be staying ? 
    • During this event the participants will be staying in individual rooms at Villarceaux's eco-lieu, for more informations clic here to visit their website. 
  • Who should I contact for more informations ? 
    • If you have any other questions, we invite you to contact Dany Lefort at
  • Will the OCE take care of my visa ? 
    • The OCE will not be able to sponsor your visa, however the OCE will be able to provide you with a support letter in order to help you obtain a visa. 


About last year's International Seminar :

Click here to watch last year's International Seminar and here to learn more about last year's International Seminar.



Camille Turcotte, executive director of AESTQ, Quebec, participant of the first international seminar on climate change education. 

"During the seminar, I was really struck by the role of youth in other countries in mobilizing for the environment and climate issues.

Would you recommend education and climate change professionals to participate in the OCE international seminar?

Yes, absolutely, because it's so inspiring to see what's being done elsewhere. I was very inspired by several initiatives in other countries. It allows us to broaden our horizons, and it's striking to see how, in other countries, young people are directly impacted every day by climate change, which is not yet the case here. Students are concerned, they are eco-anxious, but they don't experience it daily as it can be experienced elsewhere."

Click here to read the whole interview.