International Seminar in Lyon: "Engaging Education in the Ecological Transition: International Perspectives"


On June 6 and 7, 2024, the University of Lyon 2 hosted an International Seminar titled "Engaging Education in the Ecological Transition: International Perspectives." Co-organized by the Lyon Academy and the Office for Climate Education (OCE), this event brought together experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to climate change education. Among the main speakers were Eric Guilyardi and David Wilgenbus, respectively President and Executive Director of the OCE.

The seminar began on June 6 with a conference address by David Wilgenbus titled "For Science-Based Climate Change Education." This presentation highlighted the importance of scientifically grounded education to prepare future generations for climate challenges. David Wilgenbus emphasized the role and mission of the OCE, focusing on the need to provide teachers with appropriate educational tools to effectively address climate change.

On June 7, the seminar featured a roundtable discussion chaired by Eric Guilyardi, President of the OCE, climatologist and oceanographer at CNRS, and Deputy Director of the laboratory LOCEAN-IPSL. Eric Guilyardi led the discussions on current challenges in the ecological transition and the crucial role of education in this context. Alongside Coralie Noël, a senior official in sustainable development at the Ministry of National Education and Youth, and Trémeur Denigot, educational expert at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Eric Guilyardi explored strategies to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into educational programs and professional training.

Throughout the seminar, other lectures, roundtable discussions, and thematic workshops were offered to participants to integrate the ecological transition into education from an international perspective."Simon Klein, scientific mediator at the Office for Climate Education, notably led a workshop entitled 'Resources and References for Trainers to Understand and Combat Eco-Anxiety."



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