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An international initiative for climate education

The Office for Climate Education (OCE), founded in 2018, aims to organize strong international cooperation between scientific organizations, NGOs and educational institutions. It aims to educate current and future generations about climate change, provide them with knowledge and options for action with which they can counter prejudices, ideologies or irrationality, and prepare them for a life in a changing world.

The primary goal of the OCE and its partners is to create teaching materials for teachers in elementary and high schools who teach 9 to 15 year old students. The teaching materials are free and license-free and have been translated into several languages. The OCE and its partners continue to offer training courses and on-site support, mainly in developing and emerging countries. The OCE also organizes international conferences on climate change education.

The OCE team in Paris coordinates a wide network of local and regional partners. This network is based on both the scientific community (institutes, universities, science academies, etc.) and non-governmental organizations. They all bring their expertise to support the OCE in the creation of educational materials and teacher training. Together with the OCE, this 'Community of Practice' has set itself the goal of permanently changing the school system and its social environment.

Scientific and educational materials for teaching

Climate change education is always interdisciplinary: It encompasses both natural science (physics, chemistry, biology, geology) as well as social and humanities subjects (geography, economics, political science).

In parallel to the reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the OCE will provide teachers with teaching materials with the main results of these reports.

The teaching materials are based on an activating and participatory pedagogy: exploratory-discovery learning, project pedagogy, role plays, discussions, etc. They are action-oriented, focus on positive thinking and focus on the societal challenges of climate protection and adaptation to climate change. The materials produced with the help of the entire OCE network are adapted to different local contexts and tested in schools. In addition, the OCE recommends existing materials that have similar goals.

Teacher training and support

Depending on the target group and needs, the OCE offers teacher training with a focus on scientific content, social challenges, teaching methods or project management. The spectrum of events ranges from advanced training courses with hands-on activities and distance learning to conferences, excursions and on-site support for educational projects.

In addition, the OCE organizes seminars, summer schools and symposia in which teachers, trainers and scientists take part in order to promote the exchange of experiences and communication between the various members of the network.

Support education policy

The OCE supports public institutions in integrating education for sustainable development in the education sector. The most important goal is that the topic of climate change finds its way into the curricula and into teacher training.