Conference : Climate change and inequalities


On November 28, Éric Guilyard, President of the Office for Climate Education (OCE) will participate in the Conference on Inequalities at the Dawn of COP 28, a hybrid event organized in Paris as part of the 100% Social Link strategy of the AFD group. The conference is based on a new report from OXFAM, developed in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute.

The main objective of this meeting is to explore the implications of inequalities in the context of COP 28, while stimulating a debate on the means of measuring these  inequalities and developing recommendations related to the various climate issues.  The target audience includes associations, ministries, as well as internal entities of the AFD and external stakeholders.

Eric Guilyardi, oceanographer, climatologist, and president of OCE, will speak as a panelist at a round table entitled "Inequalities Related to Climate Change: Approaches and Proposals''. He will describe the active role of the OCE in implementing quality Climate Change Education (CCE).

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