Greece: OCE participates in the Climademy Summer School!


Climademy is an initiative aimed at creating a European network, bringing together universities and schools, dedicated to education on climate change. This project for teachers is tasked with designing programs and educational tools about climate change and its impacts in Europe. Its goal is to create a European training network, bringing together universities and schools to develop public and accessible educational tools for European teachers.

As part of this project, the Office for Climate Education (OCE) is participating in the Climademy Summer School, which will take place from June 30 to July 3 in Marathon, Greece. This event aims to familiarize teachers with various pedagogical approaches for teaching climate change in the classroom.

As a scientific mediator, Simon Klein will represent OCE and present the roles and missions of the organization as part of the Greening Education Partnership. He will lead workshops on the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle, emotions and climate change, and extreme weather events.

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