International Seminar -

Get to know our partners


During our 2nd International Seminar hosted, we were delighted to have the unique opportunity to conduct insightful interviews with several of our esteemed partners. These engaging discussions provided an invaluable platform to explore the critical work being carried out in the realm of climate change education.

Jun Morohashi - Chief of the Section of Education for Sustainable Development at UNESCO



Nina Smidt, Managing Director and Spokesperson of the Board, Siemens Stiftung



Raphaëlle Martinez, leader of Education Policy and Learning Team at the Global Partnership for Education



Annika Sundbäck, thematic lead for climate change and education at the Education Thematic Unit at the DG INTPA at the European Commission



Virginie Delisee-Pizzo, Head of the Education Department at the French Development Agency (AFD)



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