Join us for the second edition of our Climate Education Summer University (CESU) ! 


As a part of the European ESM2025 project, the Office for Climate Education (OCE) is organizing the second edition of its Climate Education Summer University (CESU) in partnership with Météo-France. 

The event will take place from the 8th to the 12th July 2024 in Toulouse, France and will welcome middle school teachers, high school teachers and trainers from all over Europe. 

Get a chance to participate by applying here


What is the Climate Education Summer University ? 

The Climate Education Summer University (CESU) is an education initiative organized as part of the European project ESM2025, aiming at providing in-service teachers with a full week of professional development workshops on climate change. The event will be held by the Office for Climate Education (OCE) which is a center under the auspices of UNESCO, and Météo France.

This event will take place from the 8th to the 12th of July 2024 at Météo France’s headquarters (Toulouse, France), and will welcome around 30 middle and high school teachers and trainers.

This summer school will be animated by OCE trainers in collaboration with researchers (including doctoral students), engineers and mediators from the various partners of the ESM2025 project (and more specifically Météo France).

The overview of the CESU’s first edition is available here.



What are the objectives of the CESU ? 

Key objectives for CESU’s participants encompass : 

  • Strengthening knowledge in climate sciences (mechanism, origin, impacts, adaptation/mitigation, etc.) with scientists. 
  • Improve capacity to teach climate change by exploring the interests of active pedagogies and the limits of project based teaching (experiments, role plays, debates, etc.). 
  • Providing educational insights and reflection on international recommendations in terms of climate change education. 
  • Collaborating with peers to develop innovative educational projects related to climate change. 
  • Participating in laboratory visits and engaging discussions with scientists for an in-depth understanding of climate issues. 
  • Understanding the importance of climate change education in a transversal and collective manner. 


How to apply ?

Registrations are open to all middle school, high school teachers and trainers  from all over Europe.

 Fluency in English is the only requirement to participate in this event. 

This event is free of charge and there are no application fees. Furthermore, transportation, accommodation, breakfast and lunch fees will be covered by the event organizers.

Interested participants are invited to apply here by Sunday 3rd of March 2024 (end of day in all time zones).

Interested individuals can also contact with any questions they might have. 





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