KENYA : The challenges of climate change education in Africa

As part of the preparation of a potential pilot project in Africa, the Office for Climate Education will co-host a training program in Nairobi from November 27 to December 1, 2023. The event will bring together policy makers, climate scientists, teachers, NGO representatives and other stakeholders in climate change education from Kenya and other African countries such as Senegal, Mauritius and South Africa. 

Organized in partnership with the International Center for South-South Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation (ISTIC), the UNESCO Nairobi Office and the Kenya Education Organization Environment (KOEE), the training aims to strengthen climate resilience by improving the knowledge, skills and practices in climate change education. In addition, this initiative will contribute to the professional development of teachers and trainers by providing with the ressources of the OCE  and its expertise in CCE.

The training is divided into two main lines:

A first day of conferences and roundtables led by policy makers, scientific experts and educators to present essential information on the current impacts of climate change in Africa and Kenya, emphasizing the crucial role of CCE. 

Over the next four days, members of the OCE and KOEE will conduct a series of practical and educational workshops on different topics including the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect, the link between climate change, agriculture and biodiversity as well as the retreat of the cryosphere. Participants will also explore teaching and learning methods that promote  inquiry-based learning and project-based pedagogy. 



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