School visits and meetings with students in Mexico.

From July 10th to 14th, the Office for Climate Education will travel to Mexico to visit classrooms and meet with students who have received from their teachers lessons on climate change as part of the ALEC project (América Latina para la Educación Climática). Since the project's launch, we have worked closely with our Latin American partners, enabling the participation of over 1000 teachers in climate change-related training.


This visit takes place three years after the project's launch and represents a valuable opportunity to gather testimonies from students and establish priorities for the future. The OCE team will have the opportunity to meet with sub secretaries and ministries of Education of  the states of Veracruz, Tlaxcala, México and Zacatecas, to continue strengthening and developing our working relationship. 

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Partners: INNOVEC México, Secretaría de Educación de Veracruz, Subsecretaría de Educación Básica, Territorio STEM, Fondo Golfo México, Siemens-Stiftung, Secretaría de Educación de Tlaxcala, SEIEM, Secretaría de Educación de Zacatecas.

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