The ALLEA report “A Snapshot of Climate Change Education Initiatives in Europe” has been prepared by ALLEA’s Science Education Working Group with the kind support of further experts and scholars.

The report presents initial findings, identifies commonalities and best practices, and discusses implications for future Climate Change Education based on data gathered through a scoping survey of existing initiatives across Europe, complemented by educational research literature as well as the expertise of the ALLEA working group members and further contributing scholars.

Climate Change Education initiatives in addition to looking at causes of climate change need to expand to focus more on mitigation and adaptation, and help students understand that mitigation is not only crucial for future generations but is also essential for current disadvantaged populations on whom climate change is having the biggest impact.
To learn some more of the conclusions of the report, go take a look! (click on the image)

And of course, feel free to disseminate the report to anyone interested in the area of Climate Change Education.



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Natalie Nicetto