The Office for Climate Education will be releasing soon a new set of education tools for teachers inspired by the IPCC's Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere!

Following the IPCC publication of the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate last September, the OCE is about to release a full set of education tools for teachers about the ocean and cryosphere (ice and snow on Earth) in a context of climate change.


Four types of education tools are part of this set:

  • A summary for teachers of the IPCC's Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.



This resource is a teacher-friendly version of the Summary for Policy Makers of the IPCC report. Useful infographics and ideas for short class activities are provided, as well a glossary of the scientific terms.


  • A teacher's guide book on the topic of ocean and cryosphere in the context of climate change.


teacher guide book cover

This teacher's guide book, the first volume of the OCE's "The climate in our hands" collection, includes a scientific overview on the topic of ocean and cryosphere in a changing climate, a pedagogical overview on climate change education and inquiry-based and project-based teaching approaches, a complete lesson plan with several learning sequences and detailed lesson activities, and various ideas for class projects.


  • A set of short videos for students on different topics related to the ocean and/or cryosphere in a changing climate.

clim video

Each short video focuses on a particular topic and relies on the knowledge of a different expert. The expert explains, in a student-friendly way, how a particular ocean/cryosphere feature or ecosystem works, why it is important for us and how it is being impacted by climate change, as well as some measures that can be taken to reduce this impact. Drawings, pictures and photos are part of each video and help conveying the message in playful way.


  • Four multimedia activities for students to extend the learning experience in an interactive way.

multimedia activity

These interactive activities are proposed as complementary class activities for the lesson plan provided in the teacher's guidebook. Each multimedia activity focuses on a different topic: carbon footprints, marine and polar food webs, sea level rise and climate change mitigation, adaptation and raising awareness actions being implemented around the world.


Check out the OCE's social networks and website for the final release of this set of education resources!

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Rocha Mariana