PreCOP26 Side-event with European Union's Education for Climate Coalition

Pre-COP26: What is the EU doing to foster European education capabilities for the transition towards a climate-neutral society?

Education plays a key role in responding and adapting to this incoming systemic change by developing and bridging the knowledge, skills, behaviours and values that will enable young Europeans to become engaged and responsible professionals and citizens.   

How can the EU help the EU Member States foster European education capabilities to support the transition towards a climate-neutral society?

This is the key question this side-event will tackle during a one hour online event on the occasion of the pre-COP26 on Youth4Climate in Milan: @Connect4Climate. 

The European Commission will present the three main actions carried out in 2021 to strengthen European education capabilities on Education for Environmental Sustainability (EES): a Council recommendation on education for environmental sustainability, a European sustainability competence framework, and a new community of practice called Education for Climate Coalition that will mobilise education and training actors, but also pupils and students, to share and co-create innovative education solutions focusing on five priorities: green skills development, teacher training, promoting behaviour change, linking education and science and collective awareness raising. 

The Office for Climate Education will participate in the following panel discussion with other education stakeholders to discuss challenges and priorities regarding Climate Change Education (CCE).


The event will be online and anyone interested can join by registering through this link

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