Time for teacher’s empowerment

Worldwide, climate issues strongly mobilise our youth. The manifestations of emotion and anxiety, the wish to act, as shown by the youth, as well as the rational analysis to be shared, underlines the pressing need for quality climate education.

 But how can we respond to this education without involving teachers?

Teachers are key to this work: both through their place at the interface between information and pupils, their knowledge and know-how, but also as a figure of inspiration in a changing future.

 In this changing and evolving context, the work and adaptability required of teachers is great. They have to face the difficulty of learning this new, multidisciplinary and evolving climate science and the expectations of young people in the face of this information. However, often the support provided to teachers is not equal to the high degree of adaptability that is required of them.  

It is to highlight the work of these teachers, the challenges they face and the key role they play in the global climate response that we wish to dedicate this #TeachersCOP to them.

 The OCE, whose mission is to support teachers, especially those in primary and secondary schools in this climate science education, calls on teachers to join it in this event.




On October 30st at 13h (Glasgow time, CET-1) the Office for Climate Education is hosting the first ever "TeachersCOP". An event in a hybrid format live from Glasgow, with the aim of bringing teacher's voices to the COP ! 

During this event, teachers from around the world will have the opportunity to vote to adopt a statement with concrete propositions to improve climate change education. This statement, built with contributions of teachers from every continent, will be presented to policy makers and education stakeholders at the French and European Union pavilions in the heart of the blue zone of COP26 in Glasgow !  Additionally, during the TeachersCOP event we will get to hear from 3 UK based teachers leading the way in Climate Education.

This is an opportunity for teachers to let their voices be heard and take concrete action to expand climate change education around the world.

To participate, teachers can register for free by using this link 

The event will be held simultaneously in English, French and Spanish.

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