Teaching #ClimateChange:

Insights from Scientists

The Office for Climate Education has brought together leading scientists to step in front of the camera and share their expertise on Earth's climate system, climate models, climate change mitigation pathways, climate projections, and COPs! This insightful video series is part of the ESM 2025 European research project and marks the third edition of CLIM videos, which zeroes in on Earth system models. 

Whether you're a teacher or just passionate about understanding our planet's climate, these videos are a valuable resource that can be integrated into your classroom to simplify complex concepts for your students, all presented by experts in the field. 

You can access the video series on our Youtube channel by following this link.

In conjunction with this release, we had the privilege of conducting interviews with these scientists, delving into their respective areas of expertise and exploring how to effectively convey this knowledge in an educational setting. Listen to their valuable insights and recommendations for teachers looking to incorporate climate change education into their curriculum












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