Training for teachers in Argentina

From April 4 to 10, Natalie Nicetto, Project Manager for ALEC, and Adeline Aroskay, Scientific Mediator from the OCE, conducted a training program for teachers in Argentina as part of the ALEC project.

The first session took place in Buenos Aires, followed by a second one in Puerto Madryn. During these sessions, participants had the opportunity to conduct experiments on the greenhouse effect and ocean currents. In addition to providing a general scientific and pedagogical overview, teachers were introduced to active teaching methodologies and research as an educational strategy, techniques that they can implement in their classrooms to enrich their students' learning.

This training was carried out in collaboration with the Siemens Foundation, the Ministry of Education of the Government of Chubut, the International Climate Protection Initiative (IKI), the Wuppertal Institute, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany, and 500 RPM.

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