XALAPA: Training for teachers and trainers on climate change, ocean and land

As part of the ALEC (Latin America for Climate Education) project, the Office for Climate Education (OCE) is organizing a training on climate change, ocean and land for primary school teachers and trainers in Xalapa, Mexico from November 15 to 17.  

David Wilgenbus, Executive Director of the OCE and Natalie Nicetto, Executive Assistant in charge of the ALEC project, will animate three days of engaging workshops. The training has dual objectives: on the one hand, it seeks to provide teachers and trainers with solid scientific knowledge on various aspects of climate change, and on the other hand, it will provide them with essential tools and resources to integrate this critical topic into their professional practice.

Throughout the training, teachers and trainers will actively participate in practical and educational workshops in small groups. These workshops will include, among other things, experiments on the greenhouse effect, modeling activities, role plays and discussions about topics such as food and agriculture or ocean and the cryosphere. Participants will also engage in meaningful conversation about the significance of climate change education and explore solutions for implementing it at the local level.

ALEC, a joint pilot project of OCE and local partners, aims to promote climate change education in Latin America through the adaptation of educational resources to the local context, the professional development of teachers and the creation of a community of practice.



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