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Natalie Nicetto

Executive assistant and Project manager


43 Avenue Jean Lolive
93500 Pantin



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A young graduate in Negotiation of International Projects. Polyglot, thanks to my multicultural background, I speak 5 languages fluently. Born in Mexico, I have faced the social and environmental consequences of low resilience to strong industrial, climatic, economic and demographic changes. Growing up in this context, I developed a strong awareness for the preservation of the planet. Consequently, I engaged in different social and solidarity actions; such as participating in the development of a shared garden in Montpellier, France; organizing of a fundraising campaign for a sustainable building project in Hueyapan, Mexico; coordinating of a group of international volunteers for the development of the territory and sustainable agriculture technique in Rocca Sinibalda, Italy. In my free time I enjoy cooking for others, biking around and I listening to live music.