Projects in France

The Office for Climate Education is involved in several field projects, whose execution and financing are based on specific partnerships.

“Science en Scène”

This project has been developed by the Nogent-sur-Oise La main à la pâte pilot centre and aims to raise public awareness among community members (parents, local authorities) regarding climate change issues. It brings together science, literature and theatre. The first part of the project starts with a scientific investigation that studies the origins and consequences of climate change and possible solutions. By putting on a play, students study the characteristics of dramatic text, read and write texts about climate change, get acquainted with the stage and learn theatrical skills through activities that develop proprioception and interpersonal communication.

In 2019, the OCE has continued its collaboration, started in 2018, with the team of Nogent-sur-Oise, providing teachers and project coordinators with training sessions and educational materials and by facilitating classpatronage by climate scientists.

Sciences en Scène

 “Cap au Nord” - The school facing the main challenge of the 21st century

This human and scientific school adventure aims to teach participants about the living fundamentals of nature outings, in France and Greenland, centered on the topic of climate change. The students are accompanied and guided by the OCE and several polar researchers, so they can learn about the challenges of climate change, particularly thoserelated to its effect in polar regions. 

Continuing this adventure, and under the aegis of the association L'école face au plus grand défi du 21ème siècle, 18 young people from 10 schools will have the opportunity to travel to Greenland to live a unique human experience, involving sociological and scientific surveys, in July 2020.

Cap au Nord