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"Ocean food webs" multimedia activity

This multimedia activity was conceived as a complementary class activity for the lesson D2 provided in the OCE guidebook The climate in our hands - Ocean and Cryosphere.

Through this activity, the students can learn the names and predatory relationships in six different marine food webs: the Arctic, the Antarctic, kelp forests, mangroves, the North Sea and coral reefs.

The food webs proposed are not all of the same complexity: it is up to you to choose the most adapted to your students.

  • To start playing, click on the corresponding image, for each of the marine food webs:


arctic food webs image


antarctic food webs image

Coral Reef:

coral reef food webs image

Kelp Forest:

kelp forest food webs image


mangrove food webs image

North Sea:

north sea food webs image


  • If you prefer, you can download the files to your computer to play offline by clicking on the "Download the Resource" button at the top of this page.

Teacher's notes:

  • A "back door" allows you to proceed to step 2 of the animation without completing step 1. To do this, go to the menu and move the mouse under the text "Credits": the word "Backdoor" then appears .
  • The solution of step 2 of the animation (as well as an "unplugged" version, based on card games) is given in the teacher handbook "The climate in our hands - ocean and cryosphere" (cf. lesson D2, pages 102 and following).
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