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 Climate Change and Critical Thinking

Are you a trainer aiming to develop critical thinking in teachers so they can engage their students in meaningful discussions about climate change and misinformation? "Climate Change and Critical Thinking" is a professional development resource designed to help educators navigate the complex and sometimes misleading information surrounding climate change.

Critical Thinking

Why use this Professional Development Activity?

Developing Critical Thinking

Misinformation about climate change is widespread and can create confusion among students. This resource enables teachers to identify and counter fallacious arguments using serious games based on cards for an immersive learning experience.

Learning Through Games

The resource utilizes an escape game to facilitate learning. This helps maintain participant engagement while working together to solve puzzles based on scientific and fallacious arguments.

Encouraging Open Discussion

After the game, a debriefing phase encourages teachers to discuss strategies for dealing with misinformation in the classroom, thus enhancing their teaching skills and confidence in handling controversial topics.

Enseignants Reims

Key Points

  • Turnkey: The resource is structured in several phases, guiding trainers through activities that stimulate engagement and critical thinking.
  • Interactivity: The escape game and discussion activities promote an interactive approach, encouraging teachers to share their experiences and learn from each other.
  • Scientific Foundation: Provides insights into the mechanisms of climate misinformation and teaches methods to foster a rigorous scientific approach to information.


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Escape Game


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