Training Workshop for IBSE Master Trainers on Climate Change Education

Start date
End date
5 days

TAMU Hotel & Suites
120 Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampong Baharu
50300 Kuala Lumpur

This workshop has been organized by ISTIC, OCE and IAP in  order to to sensitise teacher trainers on issues of climate change using IBSE as an approach to teaching climate change education, to enhance skills, understanding and competency of master trainers to assist teachers in implementing the approach and to provide the master trainers a solid framework for delivering training.


45 science educators from South-East Asian countries. They must have attended at least one IBSE workshop organised by ISTIC.

Workshop Content

The workshop has two parts. The first part covers topics on climate change education through IBSE. The second part of the workshop exposes participants to IBSE concepts of Training of Trainers (ToT), including essential skills in delivering training on IBSE, to be effective IBSE teachers and creating a conducive environment for IBSE teaching and learning.

KL Programm  2018



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