The OCE is proud to present its new educational guide entitled "Climate in Our Hands - Ocean and Cryosphere".

"Ocean and Cryosphere" is the first volume of the "Climate in Our Hands" collection, a series of educational guides designed and produced by the Office for Climate Education and its scientific and educational partners.

It is aimed at primary and middle school teachers (target: pupils aged 9 to 15) to help them implement activities on climate change, the ocean and the cryosphere. 

This first volume, Ocean and Cryosphere, offers turnkey sessions to help students understand climate change and the functioning of the Oceans and Cryosphere, both from a scientific and social perspective, and at local and global scales. By developing their reasoning, critical thinking and scientific knowledge, the idea is to lead students into action. The guide ends with projects for mitigation or adaptation measures to be implemented in their schools or communities.

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