The ocean provides vital natural resources to humanity (food security, jobs, health, energy) and plays a key role in climate regulation:

• The ocean contributes to the world economy for an annual added value of 1,500 billion dollars.

• Through blue carbon sinks, the ocean fixes up to 30% of CO2 emissions. 

On March 21st and 22nd, Eric Guilyardi, President of the Office for Climate Education, will participate to the First Blue Economy Round Table co-organized by the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and MERI Foundation on the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week 2023.

This meeting seeks to establish a recurring and urgent thematic agenda, which serves as a roadmap to contribute to solutions for mitigation of Climate Change on the way to COP30 Brazil, in 2025. It will examine the conditions responsible for an economic, social, political and environmental approach to fishing. The aim is to define the methods for the sustainable management of resources and the means of mitigation to be implemented to limit losses and restore biodiversity.

At the end of the Round Table, work will be held to establish a strategic orientation document for the attention of political decision-makers and international, private and public organizations.  

This report will be presented at COP 28 (Dubai, 30 November/12 December 2023) and at COP 16 on biodiversity (Turkey 2024). Organizers : This event is organized by the Monaco Scientific Center (CSM) and MERI Foundation, a Chilean institution, part of Philantrophy Cortés Solari.

More information about this event can be found on the MERI Foundation website or the Monaco Ocean Week website.

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