On Wednesday, 13 October 2021, The Office for Climate Education (OCE) and APCEIU have successfully organized the Expert Meeting for Integrating Global Citizenship Education and Climate Change Education. The meeting has gathered Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and Climate Change Education (CCE) experts from various regions to share their perspectives on how to integrate both fields and what are the possible actions that APCEIU, OCE and other stakeholders can take to enhance the implementation of GCED and CCE in various spheres.


In the opening session, Dr Hyun Mook Lim, Director of APCEIU, extended his gratitude towards all participants and encouraged them to actively share their insights and opinions regarding integrating GCED and CCE. He also stated that both APCEIU and OCE would try their best to put the suggestions into action in the near future.


Mr David Wilgenbus, Executive Director of OCE, also reiterated the statement made by Director Lim regarding the importance of suggestions and inputs from all participating experts for OCE and APCEIU to determine the future collaboration path between the two Centres.


During the meeting, participants gained the opportunity to learn more about APCEIU and OCE programmes activities. As a UNESCO Category 2 Centre focusing on Education for International Understanding and GCED, APCEIU has relentlessly promoted both fields through research and development programmes, training and capacity building, material development, and partnership and networking. Furthermore, as a UNESCO Category 2 Centre with the mandate to educate future generations about climate change, OCE has and will continue its missions through the professional development of teachers, material development, and inclusion of climate education into the national curricula.


The invited GCED and CCE experts also learned more from the presentations given by Professor Massimilano Tarozzi (University of Bologna) and Dr Cliona Murphy (Dublin City University) related to the overview of GCED and CCE, respectively.


Following the series of presentations, the meeting participants engaged in a panel discussion. Three main discussion topics were covered: current status and good practices of CCE/GCED implementation in the panellist’s expertise area, common ground between CCE and GCED and suggestions on the priority areas for APCEIU and OCE to enhance the integration of GCED into CCE.


Based on the discussion points in the meeting, APCEIU and OCE will continue its communication to determine the future projects for integrating GCED and CCE.




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