Working with the us at Office for Climate Education, as well as the Royal Meteorological Society, Met Office, EAUC and Ashden, the University of Reading will be running an online Climate Education Summit on 15 September 2021.

This summit aims to bring together young people, scientists, teachers and educationalists, policymakers and campaigners to create a new, nationwide action plan for better climate education in schools and colleges. The focus will be on climate education for children aged eight to 18.


The Climate Education Summit

The Summit will include keynote plenary sessions open to all – from teachers and their students to the general public – and closed roundtable discussions, with the aim of identifying and outlining how a step change in climate and sustainability education can be made so that young people have the skills and knowledge needed for the twenty-first century.

Get involved now

Let your voice be heard: speak up, and tell us what you want and need from climate education.

What do you want to ask the speakers and invited guests about climate education? What do young people need to know to help us look after our climate? How could our education system better prepare young people for the challenges of a changing climate?

Our aim is for the Summit and the climate education action plan to be informed by your voice.

All information, including (free) registration to the event can be found on the Climate Education Summit webpage





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